Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Trail Mix

I made Valentine Trail Mix for the ladies on the tennis team and my kids lunch boxes.

I found Valentine candy corn - could candy corn be any cuter? The actual name is Cupid Candy Corn!!!!

These are red cinnamon hearts and you can't just each one - you have to another and another etc. Because they are so delish.

White chocolate pretzels for that salty and sweet crunch.

These are petite sour hearts and they are so sour that your lips will pucker.

These are red raspberry hearts. Oh did you think this was a healthy trail mix?

So I mixed all five ingredients in a big bowl.

Then I put them in cellophane bags and tied them with a red ribbon.

I bought all of the candy at Henry's. I am pretty sure that the bags and ribbon are from Michael's

If you wanted to add a little something to the above mix I think some peanuts would be yummy. This would be a cute classroom treat or a great treat for friends and neighbors - basically anyone who has a sweet tooth would love this!
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