Saturday, January 15, 2011

Food For The Tennis Match

Today we played a rain make-up match and for rain make-ups you don't need to provide lunch.  But the classy thing to do is to provide some light and tasty snacks.

I made an olive tray (I forgot to take a photo - sorry)

Then  I made mini fruit kabobs on little bamboo sticks. I bought the fruit spears in sticks at Trader Joe's and they are super easy to cut into mini cubes. I bought the little bamboo sticks at Party City and you can use them for all sorts of appetizers.

Then I put some chicken salad into little phyllo cups and garnished with mini springs of rosemary. I bought the phyllo cups in the frozen section at Henry's they are organic. The chicken salad is pre-made from Trader Joe's and the rosemary is from my garden.

Then I made mini lemon tarts garnished with a single blueberry and tiny mint leaf. I bought the shortbread tart shells at Ralph's and the lemon curd, blueberries and mint at Trader Joe's. I want to grow my own mint, it is expensive to buy and doesn't stay fresh for very long.

So those are the snacks I made for the tennis match - everyone loved them.