Monday, November 20, 2017

Felt Holly Pins for Meals on Wheels

I think these came out super cute! They would look fantastic on top of a Christmas package. They would make an easy ugly sweater by pinning them all over a sweater.

Supply List:

red felt

green felt

red embroidery thread

green embroidery thread

pin with latch





Cut out the leaves and circles. I used a quarter to trace the the red holly berries. I downloaded a leaf pattern and traced the leaves.  Then I cut out the leaves and holly berries. Each pin needs two leaves  and three holly berries.

Overlap the green leaves and sew them together at the bottom and sew some random veins on the leaves.

Sew the holly berries onto the end of the leaves. Overlap the berries and sew with a running stitch.

The pins with the latches are often found in the jewelry sections of craft stores.

Lightly sew the pin on with green thread.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Fun Guy Christmas Ornament

A Fungi Story

When I was playing a lot of tennis a few years ago - one of my big toenails became severely  bruised and was hanging on by a thread. It was burning every time I played tennis. I was wrapping the toe with bandaids. So when I went to get my mani/pedi I asked them if they could glue my nail. Because I am so vain - I didn't want to wear sandals with a missing toenail. The lady doing my pedicure said if they glued  the toenail I would get fungi. So she took the nail off.  I wanted to start freaking out! But there was a nail growing under the bruised nail and she painted the new nail and it didn't look that bad.

Supply List:

gray felt

red felt

two sizes of round cookie cutters

black marker

mushroom bead or button

black embroidery thread

white embroidery thread

thin red ribbon

glue gun

glue sticks


Cut 2-inch circles with the gray felt. Trace the circles with a round cookie cutter or trace a jar lid or juice glass.

With a black marker write FUN GUY in block letters.

With the black embroidery thread sew over the FUN GUY and sew the mushroom bead in the middle of the circle. I found the mushroom beads in the strung bead section of JoAnne's.

Using a blanket stitch sew the gray circle onto a red or blue felt circle.

On the back of the ornament glue a ribbon loop. Over the ribbon loop glue another piece of gray round felt.

 I hope that everyone knows a Fun Guy! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Seashell Christmas Ornament

I started making Christmas ornaments! 

These ornaments were really easy to make. I like to sew them when I watch my favorite television shows.

Supply List:

royal blue felt

turquoise felt

bright green ribbon

white embroidery thread

green embroidery thread

shell beads or buttons

stuffing or cotton balls


embroidery needle


Cut a two-inch piece of turquoise felt. Sew the word sea with white thread. And sew the shell beads below. I found the Seashell beads at Michael's in the strung bead section.

Then sew the turquoise circle onto a 3-inch piece of royal blue felt.

On the back piece of felt - tack the green ribbon onto a royal blue circle.

Sew the back piece and front piece together. Before completely sewing the ornament closed add some cotton balls or stuffing.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Copper Crush - Adding Copper to the Kitchen

I wanted to have my granite replaced with marble or quartz - but my husband said no. However, I think that the copper looks okay with my current granite. And I am still working on him for our countertop redo.

Here are some before and after photos!

So I started buying a few copper things here and there and I think it freshened up the look of my kitchen.

I am a super neat freak about my kitchen!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Preparing to Teach 5th Grade Religion Class

I made these little m&m tubes for a little take home treat. I buy the fall themed m&m's before Halloween.  And I punch a little circle and write "Be Thankful."

If you want to buy these thin cellophane tubes google 1" x 8" cellophane tubes.

Our Gratitude craft is going to be a lot of fun!

The craft is a grateful cross. The mini ziplock bag has fall colored squares that are going to be adhered to the cross. The kids will write thankful items inside of each square. A piece of ribbon is also inside of each ziplock bag - so they can glue a ribbon loop on the back of each cross.

Iced pumpkin cookies for our snack.

One of the worksheets i downloaded.  I have the best class this year - such good kids!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cheese and Cracker Turkeys

I made some cheese and cracker turkeys for my 5th grade religion class.  They are a little take home treat.

I hade everything that I needed to make these cute little treats except the cheese and crackers.

Using a scalloped punch I punched two fall colored pieces of scrapbook paper for the feathers. I taped the feathers to the back of the turkey.

Using a glue gun I adhered the eyes, waddle and beak.  Such a fun and easy craft. It would be a wonderful classroom, sports team or neighbor treat!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Teaching the Ten Commandments

This week I was teaching the 5th Graders about the Ten Commandments.  We did a really fun craft making the Ten Commandments on popsicle sticks.

Using extra large popsicle sticks and Sharpie pens we wrote a commandment on each popsicle stick.

I found this fun and informative coloring sheet.

I also found a wonderful word search puzzle.

I made Ten Commandment bookmarks for a take home treat.

Another take-home treat was this candy Bible.

I started packaging up the snack before taking pictures - so I quickly grabbed two cookies to show how I made Ten Commandment cookies with Milano's.  I just melted some chocolate and put it in a zipper top bag. I snipped a tiny hole and piped the Roman numerals.

The class was a lot of fun - we did some reading and the kids are really smart, good readers and so very nice. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Candy Bibles

I made some candy Bibles for my 5th grade Religion class. They are really easy to make and you just need a few simple supplies.

Supply List:

Black heavy card stock




White paper

Fine tip black marker

Hershey's Nuggets

Elmer's glue

Thin paint brush


Very thin red ribbon


Using the ruler and pencil measure the black card stock into 2.25" x 1.50" rectangle. Cut out the rectangles out with sharp scissors.

Using the ruler and pencil  measure and cut out 1.75" x 1"rectangles on simple white copy paper.

Using a thin paint brush apply a thin layer in the middle of the black card stock. Press two Hershey's Nuggets on the glue side by side. Adjust the Nuggets so that the border of the black around them is even.

You can buy a bag of Nuggets at Target or the grocery store.

Fold the rectangle of white paper in half and crease it. Unfold the paper and  with a fine tip black pen write a short Bible verse.

Leave plenty of space around the crease - because you are going to glue a red ribbon down the crease.

Using the small paint brush - paint a very thin layer of glue over the top of the Hershey Nuggets. Lay the rectangle over the Hershey Nuggets. Press the toothpick down the center to create a crease.

Cut the thin red ribbon into 1.5" pieces. Using a toothpick add a small amount of glue in the middle of the Nuggets. Apply the red ribbon and press into the glue.

These make cute treats for a Sunday school class, Religion class or a Bible study.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Teaching 5th Grade Religion Class - The Miracle of the Sun

Because we are learning about the Miracle of the Sun - I made the kids some Miracle of the Sun cookies. On October 13, 1917 many witnessed the Miracle of the Sun. This event was attended by 30,000 to 100,000 people who gathered near Fatima, Portugal and many witnessed a spinning sun in the sky throwing off great rays and fantastic colors.  So I made cookies with swirling colored chocolate and gold sprinkles.

I read the children from this book my parents brought me home from Fatima when I was a child.

The take-home treat was a Hershey bar with the Fatima Prayer.

Our craft was a decade Rosary. We put all the beads on one side of the circle and moved each bead to the other side when we said a Hail Mary.  The kids were able to make these themselves with just a little instruction. 

The apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima began on the 13th of May in 1917. Our Lady of Fatima came to the three Fatima children, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta on the 13th of each month from May to October.  She asked them to say the Rosary. On the13th of October the Lady promised to reveal herself and perform a miracle.

The event on October 13th came to be known as "The Miracle of the Sun."

I printed out this Rosary worksheet for the kids to color.

Of course we had some Fatima coloring sheets. On the above coloring sheet everyone has a Rosary.

The statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be at our church tomorrow. 

On this coloring sheet the dancing of the sun is above Our Lady of Fatima.

We had a lot of fun learning about the 100 Year Anniversary of Fatima. The kids really liked the story. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Felt Turkeys For Meals on Wheels

Because i was making 50 of these turkeys for Meals on Wheels I did not follow the tutorial with the pattern that I used. She used a blanket stitch on the feathers and a running stitch is easier and takes a lot less time to execute. Also she used tiny pieces of black felt for the eyeball and I used a black seed bead. However, I think mine came out super cute. I love them - they are so cheerful. They would also make an adorable garland. And would look so cute  on top of a See's candy stick or a pencil.

Supply List:

orange felt

yellow felt

brown felt

red felt

white felt

black seed beads

yellow embroidery thread

white embroidery thread

black embroidery thread

red embroidery thread

brown embroidery thread



template from
in the finder box type in "tutorial Thanksgiving turkey finger puppets"


Cut out all of the pieces you are going to need. I was making 50 of these felt turkeys so I was cutting the felt out for days.

Sew the yellow feather on top of the orange feather with a running stitch and white embroidery thread. Then using yellow thread add a running stitch around the orange feather. Set these aside.

On the front brown piece sew the white felt dot with a black seed bead on top using black thread and a small needle.

Sew the waddle onto the right side of the brown piece using red thread.

Using yellow thread sew the yellow beak over the top of the waddle.

Put a plain brown piece to cover the messy part of the front piece. Using a whip stitch tack both brown pieces to the front of the feathers. Leave the bottom of the brown pieces open, only sew the sides.

Happy Thanksgiving!