Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tombstone Peeps

I have packaged Peeps almost every holiday. It is such a simple project. This Halloween I packaged the Tombstone Peeps.

The Halloween Peeps also come in pumpkins and ghosts. i simply package the peeps in cellophane bags and tie them with a coordinating ribbon.

These Peeps would also look on top of cupcakes. 

This is a super easy party favor for the classroom or sports team. Boo!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Candy Men

I make candy men every year for Halloween. This year I made them for the first grade Religion class that I was substitute teaching. 

Each Candy Man needs a square body - Nerds and Dots also come in a box. Then a chocolate pumpkin head and two arms and legs. Then you just use a glue gun to adhere everything.

The first graders loved them! These would be cute to make for the classroom, sports team or trick or treaters.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Eyeball Halloween Treat

This is a quick and easy project. You will just need three items - Dove eyeball chocolates, pretzel bags and coordinating  ribbon.

I bought the Dove milk chocolate eyeballs at Target. Each bag of eyeballs makes 3 pretzel bags. I happened to have pretzel bags in my craft cabinet - but they sell pretzel bags at all craft and party stores. Then you just need to tie the bags with a coordinating ribbon.

If you bring someone the eyeball chocolates and a witches broom pen - it's a trick and treat!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Spa Mask Party Favors

I found this Halloween "mask" idea on the blog. The little tags are a free download for personal use only. I used a glue stick and glued the tag to a piece of scrapbook paper. This was an easy and inexpensive idea.

Supply List:



Glue stick

Face mask

Cellophane bags

Coordinating scrapbook paper



Go on to the blog and print out the Halloween "mask" tags,

They print out with four to a page. Cut them into the squares.

Glue stick the tags onto a piece of coordinating scrapbook paper.

I bought the face masks at Target. I bought the green masks because I think they looked the most "Halloween."

The last step is to insert the mask into the cellophane bag and staple the tag to the top of the bag. I happened to have the scrapbook paper and cellophane bags in my craft cabinet - but you could buy these items at any craft or party store.

I made these for a tennis team good luck treat. I think they are a super cute party favor!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Witches Brooms Pens Made Easier

When I made the Witches Broom pens for Meals on Wheels - I glue gunned a piece of raffia around the top of the pen.

Instead of glue gunning the raffia I decided to use a piece of contrasting tape. This was a lot easier! And I think it looks cute! See the directions under the Witches Broom pens for Meals on Wheels. Then you can decide to glue gun the raffia or just add the contrasting tape.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Eyeballs

I had some large eyeball sprinkles and decided to add them to my chocolate chip cookies. I think I bought these sprinkles at Michael's. But I am sure that you could buy them at any party or craft store.

I just used the Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe. Then I added the eyeballs on the top of each cookie. 

Each cookie came out with a few eyeballs on top. Whose eyeball is this? Spooky!

These eyeball cookies who be cute for the classroom, sports team or make the perfect after school treat!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pope Francis Peg Dolls for Religion Class

I am substitute teaching a 1st grade Religion Class today. So I decided to make the kids some Pope Francis peg dolls and we could learn some fun facts about Pope Francis. We are Catholic and learning about Pope Francis will be a lot of fun for the kids!

Here are a few fun facts - (Keep in mid this is a 1st grade class0

He is a huge fan of soccer

He has a Masters Degree in Chemistry

He speaks Spanish, Latin and Italian. He understands German, French, Portuguese, English and Ukrainian

His father was a basketball player and Pope Francis played hoops in his youth

Okay - when I started making these Pope Francis peg dolls - I decided to wing it. But you might want to Google some tips.

Supply List:

Wooden peg dolls

White, cream and peach paint

Paint brushes in various sizes

Paint pens in silver and black

Shellac or varnish

Thin silver ribbon

Small cross beads

Thin black ribbon

Glue gun/glue sticks

Sharp scissors


I bought the wooden peg dolls at Michael's. The first step I did was to paint the robe white.

I painted two coats of white paint. The paint dries quickly in between coats.

I also bought the paint on sale at Michael's.

Next I painted the robe in cream. The face in peach and used the paint pens to make the hair, glasses and eyes and smile.

I bought the silver paint pen in package with a gold pen at Michael's. I already had the black paint pen. Because you are using the paint pens in a small area they need to be fine tip paint pens.

I started making a list of the steps needed to finish the project.

I also drew a little picture. So on the cream robe  I added white arms and a white stripe down the middle of the robe.

I glued a thin pice of silver ribbon at the bottom of the robe.

After the white stripe dried I added some silver buttons. When the white arms dried i added peach hands and a small sliver Rosary in his right hand. Once everything was dry I added two coats of varnish.

I found these little cross beads at Hobby Lobby. I threaded the cross bead on a thin black ribbon and added them around the neck with a small drop of hot glue. It was the final step. 

I am looking forward to my 1st grade class today and I think we will have a lot of fun learning about Pope Francis.