Friday, April 29, 2011

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tennis and Soccer Bracelet Kits

Today I made some I love Tennis Bracelet Kits.

I added the "I Love Tennis" beads, some pearls, yellow beads, green beads silver beads for between the letter beads and some stretchy black bead thread.

I also made some "I Love Soccer" bracelet kits.

For the soccer kits - I added the letter beads, red and silver beads and pearls.

I love making these bead kits!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baseball and Birthdays

I made some snacks to take to Christian's baseball game (he is an Angel) his team colors are red and white! There is candy in the plastic baseballs and m&m bags filled with red and white m&m's. I aim to please!

They have plastic "eggs" in the shape of baseballs, footballs, basketballs and soccer balls. If you act fast you can find your kids favorite sport in a round fillable shape at 50-75% off and use them for the team snacks or party. You don't have to put candy in the "eggs" you could fill them with small crackers like goldfish or fill them with stickers and tattoos. Be creative!

Right after Easter it was Christian's teacher's birthday. She is an Angel fan - so from the class we presented her with an Angel ticket voucher!

And since his teacher's birthday was right after Easter - I just made a small treat for everyone! White chocolate covered marshmallows lollipops sprinkled with Angel red!

Look what I used to hold the marshmallows while they were drying! An upside down colander.

Once the marshmallows were dry I packed them in plastic bags and tied them with a ribbon. Then I placed them in one of my baseball baskets!

But wait - I made more baseball treats! I dipped Oero's in white chocolate.

Once the white chocolate was set - I piped on an Angel "A."

I actually had to wait overnight for the red icing to set.

I wish I had a steadier hand when piping frosting. There must be something that i am doing wrong...

So once the red icing set overnight I packed the Oero's to bring to the game tonight.

Last year Christian was a Chicago Cub - which is a two color logo! So I am grateful that the Angel's just use red in the logo!

Play Ball!

My Version of Kate's Ring - A Pipe Cleaner Ring!

Today I made Kate's ring out of pipe cleaners - yes pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaner cocktail rings are all the rage!

Here are the instructions in case you want to make some!

You will need three silver pipe cleaners and 1/2 of a sparkling blue pipe cleaner.

Twist the silver pipe cleaners in the middle three or four times - this should resemble kitten whiskers.

Then twist the pipe cleaner around your finger to make a "ring" shape. Keeping the "kitten whiskers" on top.

Now spread out the top twisted area and start curling in the tops.

This is the ring from a different angle.

Slowly curl in each of the top pipe cleaners.

Once all of the silver top layers are curled in - cut a blue pipe cleaner in half and place it through the middle of the ring. Adhere the blue pipe cleaner to the ring below and twist in to make the sapphire.

I made a bunch to give to my tennis team at our Friday match and for Noelle to give her friends on Friday.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding will be on April 29th.  I can't wait to see Kate's dress! Meanwhile you can pick up some cute gifts to give to your Royal Subjects!

These lip glosses were $8.00 at Bath and Body Works - but they were on sale this week for 50% off! So they were only $4.00.

The titles of the lip glosses are: Princess in Training, Kissed by a Prince and If the Tiara Fits.

They also had some Royal anti-bacterial hand sanitizer! These would also be cute party favors for a Princess party. Pick them up - before they sell out!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Easter! This week I will have some posts relating to the Royal Wedding and I will start posting some Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day recipes and ideas. So keep checking back for some really fun ideas!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Carrot Floral Arrangements

I made two carrot floral arrangements today. Both were super easy!

I found my largest vase and placed three bunches of carrots with the tops attached. I just added water up to the carrot line to keep them fresh.

I did end up trimming some of the carrot tops because they were drooping.

Okay,  my next arrangement took a few minutes longer!

I put some white tulips in a small vase and put it inside a larger vase. On second thought I should have bought the yellow tulips. I digress.  Then I placed baby carrots all around the small vase in two layers!

This is a close up of the carrots layers.

To cover up the inner vase - I tied a ribbon at the top of the larger vase. The ribbon just added that little extra touch!

From this angle you can see the inner vase.

Good luck with your Easter floral arrangements.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

I had some extra melted chocolate left over from when I made the Rice Crispy Peep treats and I had left over graham crackers from when I made the Peep S'mores. So.... I dipped the graham crackers in chocolate and put sprinkles on them! I always have tons of sprinkles!

Once the chocolate was dry - I packaged them in a plastic bag and tied then with a coordinating ribbon.

I also used some egg shaped sprinkles on the graham crackers.

These are great party favors and you could use the extras as lunch box treats. These would also be a great sports team snack - you could use sprinkles in your team colors!

Oh and forgot to tell you - these are so yummy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheese Ball Carrots

I have been making "carrots" every year for Easter since Noelle was in pre-school and now she is 18! During the pre-school years I would put Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in the carrot cones.

For a long time (since third grade for both kids) I have been using Cheetos instead of Goldfish.

This year I used Cheese Balls that I bought at Target. They came in a HUGE container.

The cheese balls kinda, sorta look like candy.

I found these carrot colored and shaped bags at Michael's and I recently also saw them at Ralph's in the Easter aisle.

On one side of the carrot cone it is solid orange.

This carrot shows both sides the solid and clear sides.

I made 36 carrot cones for Christian's class and put them in a green basket.

These carrots look really cute packed tightly in the green basket.

These didn't take very long to make - however, I was covered in Cheeto dust. It was on my shirt, all over my hands, under my fingernails etc.

These would be a cute party favor for your Easter Egg Hunt or a unique treat at everyone's place setting on Easter Sunday.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peeps and Rice Crispy Treats

I made these treats for a CCD class that I teach on Tuesday afternoons. The kids loved them! I needed them for a 4 o'clock class - so I did a little cheat.

My cheat was I used the pre-made Rice Crispy treats.  So the first thing that I did was remove the wrappers and lay the Rice Crispy treats on parchment paper. Then I melted some white chocolate.

I placed the popsicle stick into a little melted chocolate and pushed it up about 1/4 the way up the Rice Crispy treat.  While I was waiting for the popsicle sticks to set - I separated the Peeps. And found some coordinating sprinkles.

The Peeps fit perfectly on the Rice Crispy treats!

Then I spread melted white chocolate on top of Rice Crispy treat and added sprinkles - then I pressed the Peep on top of the Rice Crispy treat.

Once the Peep is set on the chocolate and completely dry - you can package them in little bags and tie with coordinating ribbon. This project took less then a half hour to make 16 Peep Pops!

Make these for all your peeps!