Thursday, April 7, 2011

Peep's S'more Kit

These are so simple to make - add two graham cracker squares, a small Hershey bar and a bunny Peep! I found some bags that were the right size and some light pink ribbon in my craft area.

The Hershey bars come in an 8 pack of small individually wrapped bars. You can find them at Target or your local grocery store in the candy section. Peep's come in a wide assortment of colors - pink, purple, blue, green etc. Buy the bunny Peeps - the chick Peeps are too bulky to use in a s'more.

We microwaved the graham crackers, chocolate bar and Peep. Christian was so excited to eat his s'more. I was like - wait Mom needs to take a picture! Thus, the messy graham cracker!

These are a delious Easter treat. You could also place the Peep's on skewers and roast them over a fire  - just like you do with regular marshmallows.

I made a huge pile of Peep S'mores! I asked my friend today if she wanted me to make these for her Habitat for Humanity bake sale and she said yes, because everyone is signing up to bring brownies. So if anyone is having a school or church fundraiser - these would probably be a big hit! I think I might make these for Christian's class.

On the back of the s'more package - I taped some directions.

The directions that I typed up:

Place one graham cracker on a microwave safe plate. Then top the graham cracker with the chocolate bar and bunny peep.

Microwave for about 10-15 seconds until the Peep puffs up.

Remove from the microwave and top with the second graham cracker. Enjoy!