Friday, April 22, 2011

Carrot Floral Arrangements

I made two carrot floral arrangements today. Both were super easy!

I found my largest vase and placed three bunches of carrots with the tops attached. I just added water up to the carrot line to keep them fresh.

I did end up trimming some of the carrot tops because they were drooping.

Okay,  my next arrangement took a few minutes longer!

I put some white tulips in a small vase and put it inside a larger vase. On second thought I should have bought the yellow tulips. I digress.  Then I placed baby carrots all around the small vase in two layers!

This is a close up of the carrots layers.

To cover up the inner vase - I tied a ribbon at the top of the larger vase. The ribbon just added that little extra touch!

From this angle you can see the inner vase.

Good luck with your Easter floral arrangements.