Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mini Shrimp Cocktails

Yesterday (Friday) they asked me to bring my chicken salad tarts for after the tennis match. However, I do not each meat on Friday's during Lent. And perhaps some of the ladies on the team we were hosting would also be Catholic. So to go along with the chicken tarts which I have posted on the blog under tennis team food. I made some mini shrimp cocktails in juice glasses.

I just put some cocktail sauce in the bottom of a small juice glass - but you could also use a shot glass.

Then I added three jumbo shrimp and a small wedge of lemon. So easy to make!

I placed the mini shrimp cocktails on a simple white rectangle tray.

They were a big hit after the tennis match. They were really refreshing.

This would be a great idea to make for a summertime BBQ or to bring to a potluck.

I bought everything that I needed at Trader Joe's - the shrimp, cocktail sauce and lemons. I happened to have a lot of small juice glasses from a brunch that I hosted awhile back! But you could buy the small juice glasses at an inexpensive place like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.