Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baseball and Birthdays

I made some snacks to take to Christian's baseball game (he is an Angel) his team colors are red and white! There is candy in the plastic baseballs and m&m bags filled with red and white m&m's. I aim to please!

They have plastic "eggs" in the shape of baseballs, footballs, basketballs and soccer balls. If you act fast you can find your kids favorite sport in a round fillable shape at 50-75% off and use them for the team snacks or party. You don't have to put candy in the "eggs" you could fill them with small crackers like goldfish or fill them with stickers and tattoos. Be creative!

Right after Easter it was Christian's teacher's birthday. She is an Angel fan - so from the class we presented her with an Angel ticket voucher!

And since his teacher's birthday was right after Easter - I just made a small treat for everyone! White chocolate covered marshmallows lollipops sprinkled with Angel red!

Look what I used to hold the marshmallows while they were drying! An upside down colander.

Once the marshmallows were dry I packed them in plastic bags and tied them with a ribbon. Then I placed them in one of my baseball baskets!

But wait - I made more baseball treats! I dipped Oero's in white chocolate.

Once the white chocolate was set - I piped on an Angel "A."

I actually had to wait overnight for the red icing to set.

I wish I had a steadier hand when piping frosting. There must be something that i am doing wrong...

So once the red icing set overnight I packed the Oero's to bring to the game tonight.

Last year Christian was a Chicago Cub - which is a two color logo! So I am grateful that the Angel's just use red in the logo!

Play Ball!