Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baseball Bracelet Bead Kits

I have a lot of craft supplies - no I am not ashamed. It is what it is! However,  I am trying to use up some of my supplies by making little kits that others can use to make a craft. Great idea  - right?

So today I made some bead kits with alphabet beads that say "I love baseball" combined with some other beads.

I think I could sell these at a craft fair, or donate them to my friend's bake sale for her Habitat for Humanity project.

Or they would just be fun to pass out to the little sisters on my son's baseball team. The possibilities are endless!

I added the alphabet beads, some baseball beads, small silver beads to place between the alphabet beads and an assortment of red beads. I added some black stretchy bead string and stapled a description of the project at the top of the plastic bag.

So easy and a great way to use up some craft supplies! I am also going to make basketball and football kits.

I had to make the baseball bracelet kits first - because we love baseball at our house.

Play Ball!