Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheese Ball Carrots

I have been making "carrots" every year for Easter since Noelle was in pre-school and now she is 18! During the pre-school years I would put Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in the carrot cones.

For a long time (since third grade for both kids) I have been using Cheetos instead of Goldfish.

This year I used Cheese Balls that I bought at Target. They came in a HUGE container.

The cheese balls kinda, sorta look like candy.

I found these carrot colored and shaped bags at Michael's and I recently also saw them at Ralph's in the Easter aisle.

On one side of the carrot cone it is solid orange.

This carrot shows both sides the solid and clear sides.

I made 36 carrot cones for Christian's class and put them in a green basket.

These carrots look really cute packed tightly in the green basket.

These didn't take very long to make - however, I was covered in Cheeto dust. It was on my shirt, all over my hands, under my fingernails etc.

These would be a cute party favor for your Easter Egg Hunt or a unique treat at everyone's place setting on Easter Sunday.