Sunday, January 28, 2018

Charlie Brown Peg Dolls for Meals on Wheels

I made these Charlie Brown peg dolls for a Meals on Wheels Valentine project.  I packaged them with a glitter heart and a tag that said "Good Grief it's Valentine's Day!"

I think they came out super cute - but since I was making 50 a deleted a few steps. Also because I was making 50 peg dolls I ordered them from Amazon.

Supply List:

men shaped peg dolls

yellow paint

black paint

sharp pencil

small paint brushes

black fine tip Sharpie pen


Always save pieces of cardboard to use when painting peg dolls.

Paint the body with two coats of yellow paint. Let the paint dry in between coats.

Using a sharp pencil draw the zig zag shape on the middle of the body. If you have extra time the zig zag could be moved up and a small black band could be painted on the bottom which would replicate shorts. Because I was making 50 I skipped the shorts step.

Using the black paint and a very thin teeny tiny paint brush paint inside the pencil zig zag lines. This took a really long time. 

Another step I skipped was painting the head with flesh toned paint. I used a fine tip black Sharpie to draw the face directly onto the wooden head.

Lately I have been sewing a lot of Meals on Wheels projects with felt and I wanted to do something different. And I do love a little peg doll. 

I am going to bring these to the Meals on Wheels office tomorrow and then start working on a March themed party favor.

God Bless all of the Meals on Wheels volunteers! 

Friday, January 19, 2018

I Will Make You Fishers of Men Lesson

The lesson this week was on the "fishers of men." So I made a graham cracker with goldfish snack for the kids. I used a cinnamon graham cracker - yum!

I had a coloring sheet for the kids.

And I found a word search.

And another coloring sheet.

We wrote Bible verses on one side of the card stock fish. On the other side we glued colored tissue paper.

I had a bunch of gray card stock - so I cut out bunch of fish and then cut a ton of colored tissue paper into little squares. The kids really enjoyed the craft. I have a picture on instagram of a few more fish. Instagram account roommom27_teresa_steele.

I made little goldfish cups for the take home treat.

And I made a little tag for the take home treat. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Baked Apples

Baked apples are a wonderful treat and they are so easy to make!



1/4 cup brown sugar per apple

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon per apple

1/4 cup chopped pecans or walnuts per apple

1/3 cup raisins or dried cranberries per apple

1 pad of butter per apple


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Combine the brown sugar, cinnamon, pecans and raisins and set aside.

Remove the core of the apple leaving the bottom area in tact. Using a melon baller scoop out an additional area inside of the apple.

Try to remove at least 1/2 cup of the apple interior. 

Pack the interior of the apple with the brown sugar mixture and press the mixture firmly inside of the apple.

Top each stuffed apple with a small pad of butter. Put some water on the bottom of the baking dish. The water should barely cover the entire area of the pan.

Bake for 30-45 minutes depending on the size of your apple. The apples should look wrinkled and soft.

For company you could garnish with a cinnamon stick, vanilla ice cream and carmel sauce. When you cut into the baked apple the inside falls out and makes such a wonderful treat.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pencil Cookies for Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa said "I am a small pencil in God's hand" so since we are learning about Mother Teresa this week in Religion class I made the kids some pencil cookies.

Supply List:

wafer cookies in cream or yellow

pink chocolate tabs

white chocolate tabs

mini chocolate chips


Using a sharp knife on a cutting board cut one of the ends into a point.

Spread out a piece of parchment paper and melt the white chocolate tabs.

Dip the pointed end into the white chocolate and place a mini chocolate chip on the end. Place the wafer cookie on the parchment paper to set.

Melt some pink chocolate and dip the square end into the pink chocolate. Set the cookie back onto the parchment paper. 

I think they came out super cute! The kids loved them. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Teaching 5th Grade Religion Class About Mother Teresa

The take home treat was a Rolo pencil - The tag says "I am a small pencil in God's hand." I packaged the pencils in pretzel bags. Pretzel bags can be found at craft stores near the chocolate molds.

I painted a Mother Teresa peg doll for all of the kids. 

I found some great coloring pictures from the Internet.

I also found this pretty coloring page.

I made some pencil cookies for the classroom snack.

I put the phrase "I am a small pencil in God's hand" on the large white board and asked the kids what the quote meant and they came up with some awesome answers.

I posted the directions to make the Rolo pencils and pencil cookies on additional blog posts.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Rolo Pencils for Mother Teresa

"I am s small pencil in God's hand." - Mother Teresa

Each month I teach the kids in my Religion class about a Saint. And Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is a really fun Saint for the kids to learn about.

I am making the kids pencil cookies for a snack and these Rolo pencils for a take home treat.  When I made these pencils for my kids classrooms I used to write No. 2 on the side of the pencil with a black Sharpie.

I can't decide if I should write Mother Teresa on the side of the pencil or leave it blank. What to do?

Supply List:


Hershey Kisses

Glue dots

Double stick tape


Yellow card stock

Pink card stock



Pinking shears

Thin silver ribbon

Glue gun and glue sticks


Trim the little Hershey tag off the kiss with scissors.

Cut the yellow card stock into 4 1/2" x 4" pieces. Cut one of the shorter (4-inch) sides with pinking shears.

Put double stick tape on the three sides that are not trimmed with pinking shears and wrap around the Rolo.

Cut the pink card stock into 3/8" x 3 1/2" and trace a quarter for the top of the eraser.

Using the double stick tape adhere the kiss on the pinking sheared side of the pencil. At the top of the pencil adhere the pink card stock strip and the circle eraser top.

Heat up the glue gun and glue a small piece of silver ribbon at the bottom and top of the eraser. Only use the hot glue on top of the card stock.

I love Rolo's - maybe someone will be absent and I can have a tube Rolo's!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Baby Jesus Ornament

I think my baby Jesus ornaments came out really cute. 


light blue felt

white felt

flesh felt

black seed beads

white embroidery thread

blue embroidery thread

black embroidery thread

flesh embroidery thread

light blue thin ribbon

Tacky glue


cotton balls or batting


template from
When you get on the website type in Baby Jesus ornament in the finder area


Cut out all the pieces. Two blue ovals, two white blankets and one head per ornament.

Glue one part of the blanket on the blue felt using the Tacky glue.

Glue the second part of the blanket onto the blue felt.

Tacky glue can be purchased at any craft or fabric store.

Next glue the head onto the top of the blue oval.

Separate a few pieces of the black thread and use a thin needle to sew the black seed beads onto the face.

Using the white thread and a running stitch sew the white felt blanket onto the light blue oval.

Sew the face with a running stitch and two strands of the flesh thread.

On the back piece of the blue felt sew "baby Jesus" in black thread. I always write it with a black marker and sew over it with thread.

Sew the top piece and bottom piece together with a blanket stitch with blue thread.

I decided to add a smile to the face of the ornament with some black thread and a tight running stitch.

Before sewing the ornament shut add a few cotton balls or some batting and sew a little loop for hanging.

Because Jesus is the reason for the season.

Because Jesus is the reason for the Season!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Saint Lucy - An Advent Saint

I love how my Saint Lucy turned out! She looks even cuter in person. I am teaching a Religion class on her feast day (December 13th) and I am going to teach the children about Saint Lucia.

Supply List:

lady peg dolls

white paint

yellow paint

flesh tone paint

small paint brushes

fine tip black Sharpie pen

green wire pine or green pipe cleaner

yellow toothpicks

piece of Styrofoam

hot glue and glue gun

thin red ribbon


Paint the body in two coats of white paint. Take care and make sure the first coat is dry before painting the second coat.

Paint the head with flesh tone paint.

 Draw eyes and mouth with the black Sharpie. Then paint the hair in yellow.

 The hair style doesn't need to be perfect because a wreath is going to be glued to her head.

Hot glue a thin red ribbon around her waist. Then hot glue a small red bow in the front.

To make the candle I bought a toothpick package with colorful toothpicks. I picked out a bunch of yellow toothpicks. I cut the yellow toothpicks in half. Then put the yellow pointy end in to the Styrofoam. Paint the piece of the toothpick showing with white paint.

Form the evergreen wire into a wreath and hot glue the wreath onto Saint Lucy's head. Then take the toothpick candle and apply a little glue on the end and adhere four toothpicks around the wreath.

I found this wired evergreen/pine at Hobby Lobby.

If you can't find the wired pine in a pinch some green pipe cleaner tinsel like would also look awesome.

There is a lot of legend surrounding Saint Lucy, but one thing is clear she believed in God and declared her beliefs.

She was tortured and killed under Christian persecution.

She is the patron saint of the blind and those with eye trouble.

Saint Lucy pray for us!