Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Easter Trail Mix

Today I made an Easter Trail Mix with just three ingredients.

The combination of sweet and salty is always a perfect combination.

I added pastel colored candy corn.

I also added pastel colored Junior Mints. The pastel Junior Mints came in an extra large size in blue and yellow.

The last ingredient is lightly salted peanuts.

Doesn't  this look yummy?

I still had some cone shapes from last year - so I used the cones and tied them with a matching blue ribbon from my craft area.

Always check your craft area for bags and ribbon before you run to the store!  I have saved so much time and money by checking my craft area before starting a project. You never know what you will find!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

m&m Bags

I bought these cute m&m bags off an internet site.

The bags are self-sealing.

I made patterns with the Easter m&m's.

I also made bags for my son's baseball team - he is an Angel.

I love these! If you could see them in person you would be amazed! At Michael's and Party City they sell m&m's in all one color bags! You can also order special m&m's with your own photo and sayings at the m&m website.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ribbon Wrapped Lollipop Sticks

Today I made some more Spring Oreo lollipops - but I wrapped the lollipop sticks with ribbon.

Today I used Golden Double Stuff Oero's.

The Double Stuff is easier to put your lollipop stick in the frosting. Now we know!

If you look on the March 2011 section off to the side - I talk about the lollipop stick learning curve etc. in the St. Patrick's Day Oreo lollipop post.

I decided to use some Milk Chocolate and Cotton Candy Crunch Sprinkles.

So this is what the lollipops look like - super yummy.

Once the Oero's were completely dry - I decorated the lollipop stick with ribbon.

I found some coordinating thin satin ribbon in my craft box.

So I just added a small dap of hot glue at the top of the lollipop stick and wound it around the stick and then added another dap of glue at the bottom.

So you could wrap the ribbon really tightly around the lollipop stick or a little looser so that some of the white from the lollipop shows through. It looks cute both ways!

Once everything is dry - package your lollipops in a plastic bag and tie a bow with the same ribbon.

I looked around for something cute to put the lollipops in and I found this cute teapot at the back of the one of my cupboards. I think I bought it for a tea party when my daughter was four. Now she is 18!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baseball Treats

I made some baseball treats for Christian's baseball teammates. This is a really fun sports team treat or birthday party favor. You can use all sorts of cards - they have football, basketball, wrestling etc.

Okay - so remember I bought the big bag of sports chocolates? I used the baseball chocolates inside this little bag! If you need a reminder - I bought the sports candy at Party City.

I bought the baseball cards at Target. I already had the red scrapbook paper, ribbon and plastic bags!

Once I added the baseball cards and candies to the plastic bag - I folded the scrapbook paper in half and stapled it to the top of the plastic bag! To cover the staples I ran to Michael's and bought some mitt and ball stickers. Then I glued a little bow in the middle!

I put the treats in one of my many baseball baskets. Note: This is the best time of the year to buy sports baskets. At our house we have lots of baseball and basketball baskets. But if you have a Super Bowl party every year - pick up some football baskets in the Easter aisle!

I like carrying things in baskets! Baskets transport easily and they are so fun! However, when I bring a basket to a party I always tell my family "Don't let me leave without my basket!"

Please tell your friends about this blog! And sign up to be a follower! Please....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Springtime Oero Lollipops

Today I made Springtime Oero  lollipops.  I made these the same way that I made the St. Patrick's day Oero lollipops except that I used extra long lollipop sticks.

So of course I used the Spring Oreo's.

They have a lovely yellow frosting.

I used these cute flower sprinkles to decorate the middle of each chocolate covered Oreo.

Don't these look yummy?

Once dry - I packaged them and tied them with a yellow ribbon.

I placed the Springtime lollipops in a yellow flower pot.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Made a Basketball Cake

In honor of March Madness I made a basketball cake.  I baked two 8" round cakes. Once they cooled I frosted them with chocolate frosting.  In  honor of my husband's love of frosting - I applied a huge layer of frosting between the two layers.

The basketballs are just some chocolate candy that I had left over from my kids basketball season.

I am rooting for San Diego State - it has taken them 40 YEARS to make it to the Sweet Sixteen.  Good Luck SDSU!

This is a super easy treat to make for your March Madness party! I bought the candy in a big bag with other sports candy like baseballs, soccer balls and footballs in the bag from Party City. I will probably use the baseballs in a project this week.

Bunny Trail Mix

I made another trail mix - because I wanted to use the last two colors of the darn Fruit Loops. I used the pink and purple for Valentine's Day and the green for St. Patrick's Day and the blue for the Easter trail mix.


So I wanted to use up the end of the Fruit Loops! Do you blame me? I had the yellow and orange Fruit Loops left and I was determined to use them in a trail mix. Although in my photo they do not look yellow. Why?

The I used the yellow and green bunnies from the Kraft BunnyMallow mix.

And I added a box of Bunny Graham's - that I bought at Target. But I have seen these bunny crackers at Ralph's and Henry's. Buy the honey graham cracker flavor - they will blend in the best with a sweet trail mix.

Then I picked the green and yellow m&m's out of the Bunny Mix of m&m's.

Isn't the pastel Bunny Mix so beautiful?

When I was looking around my pantry for trail mix ingredients -  I also found some little round chocolate balls.

So I used the white, green and yellow chocolate balls to punch up the trail mix.

I packaged the trail mix in pretzel bags - because I always have pretzel bags! And tied them with a yellow ribbon.

I put the Bunny trail mixes in a white basket. My kids will love this in their lunch boxes.

Okay - the very next trail mix that I make will be a healthy trail mix - unless I go down Easter aisle and another sweet trail mix idea comes to me! But I really will try to add some nuts or dried fruit/veggies. I sorta promise!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter Trail Mix

I made a fun and easy Easter trail mix. I used the left over blue Fruit Loops (remember I used the pink and purple Fruit Loops for Valentine's day?)

Pink M&M's that I picked out of the Valentine M&M bag.

And some Easter frosted cookies that I got at Target.

And what would a trail mix be without mini marshmallows?

I always use the Kraft brand Jet-Puffed marshmallows. The store brand never seems as fresh. So just place the above four ingredients in a large bowl and mix.

I packaged the trail mix in cellophane cones from my craft box - I must have purchased them last year at Easter time. I also found a perfect matching ribbon in blue.

I put my Easter Trail Mix in a pink basket. These are great classroom, sports team and party favor ideas.