Monday, March 21, 2011

Bunny Trail Mix

I made another trail mix - because I wanted to use the last two colors of the darn Fruit Loops. I used the pink and purple for Valentine's Day and the green for St. Patrick's Day and the blue for the Easter trail mix.


So I wanted to use up the end of the Fruit Loops! Do you blame me? I had the yellow and orange Fruit Loops left and I was determined to use them in a trail mix. Although in my photo they do not look yellow. Why?

The I used the yellow and green bunnies from the Kraft BunnyMallow mix.

And I added a box of Bunny Graham's - that I bought at Target. But I have seen these bunny crackers at Ralph's and Henry's. Buy the honey graham cracker flavor - they will blend in the best with a sweet trail mix.

Then I picked the green and yellow m&m's out of the Bunny Mix of m&m's.

Isn't the pastel Bunny Mix so beautiful?

When I was looking around my pantry for trail mix ingredients -  I also found some little round chocolate balls.

So I used the white, green and yellow chocolate balls to punch up the trail mix.

I packaged the trail mix in pretzel bags - because I always have pretzel bags! And tied them with a yellow ribbon.

I put the Bunny trail mixes in a white basket. My kids will love this in their lunch boxes.

Okay - the very next trail mix that I make will be a healthy trail mix - unless I go down Easter aisle and another sweet trail mix idea comes to me! But I really will try to add some nuts or dried fruit/veggies. I sorta promise!