Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baseball Treats

I made some baseball treats for Christian's baseball teammates. This is a really fun sports team treat or birthday party favor. You can use all sorts of cards - they have football, basketball, wrestling etc.

Okay - so remember I bought the big bag of sports chocolates? I used the baseball chocolates inside this little bag! If you need a reminder - I bought the sports candy at Party City.

I bought the baseball cards at Target. I already had the red scrapbook paper, ribbon and plastic bags!

Once I added the baseball cards and candies to the plastic bag - I folded the scrapbook paper in half and stapled it to the top of the plastic bag! To cover the staples I ran to Michael's and bought some mitt and ball stickers. Then I glued a little bow in the middle!

I put the treats in one of my many baseball baskets. Note: This is the best time of the year to buy sports baskets. At our house we have lots of baseball and basketball baskets. But if you have a Super Bowl party every year - pick up some football baskets in the Easter aisle!

I like carrying things in baskets! Baskets transport easily and they are so fun! However, when I bring a basket to a party I always tell my family "Don't let me leave without my basket!"

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