Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ribbon Wrapped Lollipop Sticks

Today I made some more Spring Oreo lollipops - but I wrapped the lollipop sticks with ribbon.

Today I used Golden Double Stuff Oero's.

The Double Stuff is easier to put your lollipop stick in the frosting. Now we know!

If you look on the March 2011 section off to the side - I talk about the lollipop stick learning curve etc. in the St. Patrick's Day Oreo lollipop post.

I decided to use some Milk Chocolate and Cotton Candy Crunch Sprinkles.

So this is what the lollipops look like - super yummy.

Once the Oero's were completely dry - I decorated the lollipop stick with ribbon.

I found some coordinating thin satin ribbon in my craft box.

So I just added a small dap of hot glue at the top of the lollipop stick and wound it around the stick and then added another dap of glue at the bottom.

So you could wrap the ribbon really tightly around the lollipop stick or a little looser so that some of the white from the lollipop shows through. It looks cute both ways!

Once everything is dry - package your lollipops in a plastic bag and tie a bow with the same ribbon.

I looked around for something cute to put the lollipops in and I found this cute teapot at the back of the one of my cupboards. I think I bought it for a tea party when my daughter was four. Now she is 18!