Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Decorations

Here are some photos of my Easter decorations. I wish I was a better photographer. Perhaps it is the lighting? No it is me - and I try so hard.

I love my tall bunnies. But they got a little smushed in my Easter box and now the green and yellow bunnies need to lean against the plants!

I usually add the foil covered chocolate eggs in the little bunny dishes one week before Easter. I love chocolate eggs. If I sprinkle the Easter candy around the decorations too early - it disappears like magic.

My kids used to keep these little bunny cages in their rooms. Now they are too old for pretend bunnies in their rooms.

But seriously doesn't the bunny look almost real in this photo?

So if you haven't already - get out your Spring and Easter decorations. Buy your favorite Easter candy this week - before they run out of your favorites!