Tuesday, January 11, 2011

After Christmas Sales

I love shopping at the after Christmas sales. I never buy a lot of ornaments and I never buy clothing. I can't stand a messy store and crowds. So I don't shop the after Christmas sales until the first week of January. Here are a few things that I bought on super sale just last week.

I can use these cute gingerbread man pins to tie in the middle of a ribbon on Christmas presents. They were $1.80 each.

I bought eight of these little holiday buckets from Pier 1 they were .98 each. I think they would look cute with candy canes or chocolate covered pretzels peeking out!

This is my favorite thing! I LOVE these lipstick ornaments. They were on sale for $1.48 each. I bought twenty-five! I think they would look super cute tied onto a birthday or Christmas package. Oh and these were also at Pier 1 - in case you need to get some!