Monday, January 17, 2011

Basketball Cupcakes

MaryAnne got me the Martha Stewart Cupcake book for my birthday.

So I made the basketball cupcakes on page 188.

Martha used thin black licorice to make the lines. I went to three stores to find thin black licorice and of course I couldn't find it anywhere. In a month from now I will see it at some random store. But I ended up using black sparkle icing.

Martha also used round sprinkles - but I had some orange sparkle sprinkles left over from Halloween.

The team loved the cupcakes! Todd always says that my snack is over the top but I just can't bring chips and a drink - not that there is anything wrong with that!

Martha also had directions on how to make baseball and tennis cupcakes. I will be baking a lot of cupcakes out of this book and I recommend this book to anyone who loves to make cupcakes.

Thank you MaryAnne - I love this book!