Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hoop Dreams

It is my turn to bring snacks for Christian's basketball team this Saturday. I am going to make homemade basketball cupcakes on Saturday morning- so be on the look out for the photos!

But I made mini goodie bags of basketball chocolates and basketball playing cards. Most parents have been bringing chips and Gatoraide or Capri Suns. But since my snack is after a 7 p.m. game I am going to bring hot chocolate from Coffee Bean - they put it in a big thermos for you and even give you cups!

I bought a big bag full of sports candy at Party City and gave away to soccer balls - saved the footballs for a Super Bowl project and the baseballs for when we play baseball. So I put all the basketballs in little bags.

I bought these cute basketball playing cards at Michael's for .40 each! Of course I had to put them in a bag and tie with ribbon!

I bought everything that I need to make my basketball cupcakes and can't wait to make them!