Saturday, January 29, 2011

Milk and Cookies

My son Christian likes to have milk and cookies every day when he gets home from school. It is his favorite snack. Unless it is really hot - then he wants a root beer float.

So today I was out of cookies and I was looking around the cupboard and fridge when I found the Pillsbury Valentine cookies, chocolate frosting and hot pink sprinkles.

I always like to buy the holiday cookies in advance because they sell out quickly. So I baked up a batch.

After they baked I added the chocolate frosting to make an Oero type cookie.

Then I rolled the frosting filled cookie in hot pink sprinkles.

He loved them! And so did Noelle!

If you want to bring cookies to the sports team or classroom - these are super simple to make and always a big hit with the kids because they are so full of sugar!
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