Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Star Rice Crispy Treats

Every so often I am asked to be the substitute Religion teacher. I usually have a little notice before I teach - so that I can make plans for my son's carpool and plan the lesson.

I always bring a little treat (or bribe) for good behavior. Tomorrow I am teaching an Advent lesson to 4th graders.

So I made some Star Rice Crispy treats on lollipop sticks. Because lollipop sticks always bring your treat to the next level.

I bought this giant Rice Crispy at Target.

Using a star cookie cutter I cut out a bunch of stars. The I melted some light blue chocolate melts from Once the chocolate is melted stick the top of the lollipop stick into the chocolate and wedge it into the star.

Using the back of a spoon I smoothed the top of the star with the melted chocolate. Then I sprinkled it with a few shakes of blue sprinkles and some white pearl sprinkles.

Let everything dry and then package them in cellophane and tie with a coordinating ribbon.

The perfect treat! Or bribe!.