Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rustic Twine Christmas Ornaments

Noelle and I made some ornaments this afternoon. My oven is still not working - they ordered the part and it will be fixed on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. No baking until mid next week.

Until then - lots of ornament and party favor ideas!

To make this project you will need:

Styrofoam balls

Twine or Jute

Paper clips

Glue gun


Pretty raffia bows (optional)

Little pearl/rhinestones to glue on raffia bows

You can get everything you need at any craft or fabric store. I happened to get everything on the above list at Hobby Lobby.

Try to buy smooth styrofoam balls - they are a little easier to work with for this project.

Push the paper clip into the ball - this will be where the ornament hanger connects to the tree.

Start gluing and winding the twine - starting at the top around the paper clip.

I found these raffia bows and little pearl and rhinestone doo-dads at Hobby Lobby and I knew they would look cute on my twine ornaments. I just used a little glue to adhere the too-dad.

If we could make 25 or so of these they would look fantastic on a tree. But it took a couple of hours to make four. If we want a full tree of these next year - we need to start making them in November. Perhaps if we made 10 a week up until Christmas.

Keep checking back - I have a lot of simple ornament and party favor ideas.