Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Homemade Holiday Vases

Save your used soup or other cans - remove the labels and wash out the debris. Then you can throughly clean them in the dishwasher.

I often make little bouquets of flowers in these tin can vases. All you need is a glue gun and a roll of twine.

Just add some glue to the top of the can and wind the twine around the can four or five times. Add another line of glue and wrap around four or five times again. Keep doing this process until the entire can is covered in twine.

Once the can is completely covered intwine - glue gun a contrasting ribbon around the middle of the can. Then glue gun a silk poinsettia and leaf on top of the ribbon.

These cans make perfect holiday vases but they could also be used for treats like chocolate covered pretzels or candy canes. I am going to use mine for little floral bouquets. Hopefully I will remember to post the picture with the flowers in the vases.

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