Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spode Themed Ornaments

I made some ornaments last night with Noelle while we watched a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.  Come January when the kids are back in school and the house is put back together I am going to start writing some Hallmark channel Christmas movies! For fun! Because I have been writing some Christmas and country/western songs and I have only been able to write the bridge.

I started a fun song - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree with a Vacuum in my Hand....And now I need to write the rest of my song.

Okay - back to my ornaments. I collect the Christmas Tree Spode china. It is so festive and the most popular china pattern in the world! So I saw these Spode cupcake toppers at Michael's.

We removed the toothpick and used them for the middle of our ornament.

Then we taped the cupcake topper (minus the toothpick) onto a 2" circle and then onto a 3"scalloped circle. Taping a little piece of twine on the back to make the hanging loop.

To make the ornament "pop" we glued a circle of silver ball ribbon around the 2" circle.

Notes: I had a 30% off everything coupon. So I bought a bunch of Spode napkins, recipe cards, gift tags, etc. I might use a lot of these items in different ways throughout the holiday season. And when the light is right I will take some pictures of my Christmas Tree Spode china - it is truly beautiful.