Friday, December 13, 2013

Doilies Filled with Holiday m&m's - Party Favor

My oven will be fixed on Tuesday or Wednesday - that will be 10 or 11 days without an oven. So I have been crafting until my oven is fixed and I can bake.

This was a fun project that is easy to make while you watch television. For this project you will need:


Red embroidery thread

Large needle


Holiday m&m's

Holly sticker or other Christmas themed sticker

Thin red or green ribbon (optional - needed if planning to hang on tree)

Cut a long piece of red embroidery thread and thread your needle. Take two doilies and start sewing them together - following the outside holes. Once they are almost completely sewn fill them with the m&m's and continue sewing.

Once the doilie is sewn shut tie the thread off and add the sticker. If you want to hang these on the tree you could sew a thin red or green ribbon loop on the back of the dolie.

These make darling ornaments or party favors. They would also be fantastic place cards - just write the name in red or green pen instead of the sticker.

I bought all of the supplies for this project at Michael's - but you could buy these simple supplies at any craft or fabric store.

Keep checking back - I will be crafting until at least Tuesday! After that I will be posting holiday cookies!