Saturday, December 14, 2013

Party Favors Made with Mini Candy Bars and Scrapbook Paper

Today I crafted again and if you have been reading this blog for the past week you know that my oven stopped working last Friday - eight days ago! The part needed to fix the oven won't arrive until Monday to Tuesday. looks like I won't have a working oven until Wednesday! Therefore instead of baking I have been crafting and it has been rather relaxing!

I am planning to put these cute little party favors on my cookie plates for the neighbors and the music themed ones my daughter is going to bring to her choir friends at church.

For this project you will need:

Bags of mini candy bars

Scrapbook or wrapping paper in your theme

Scotch Tape


Pretzel plastic bags

Coordinating ribbon

Coordinating doo-dad

Decide on your theme - is it Christmas or basketball or music? Then buy scrapbook or wrapping paper in your theme. You could even do this treat in team colors.

Make a pattern with a piece of cardboard and start cutting your paper. Then tape the paper around the small candy bar. Each pretzel bag will hold 6 mini candy bars with room at the top for a nice bow.

I found this music themed scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby.

Scrapbook paper goes on sale all the time at Michael's, Hobby Lobby and JoAnne's Fabrics. Once you find a good sale - stock up for all your upcoming projects!

I found this rich green satin ribbon in my craft cupboard and while I was routing around in there I found this Holly themed doo-dad!

I don't even remember every buying this doo-dad. Perhaps I bought it on super sale last January?  Someday I am going to make everything nice and neat in my craft cabinet and make little holiday inventories. Yeah - right!

I simply attached the holly doo-dad to the ribbon.

The holly makes the party favor look just a little more festive.

I tied the music treats with a tan wired ribbon - the color complimented the scrapbook paper.

The I decided to add a little rhinestone to the middle of the ribbon. I love a rustic with elegant touch look!

This was a fun and easy project! It can be made for any sport, hobby or holiday. They have scrapbook and wrapping paper in so many great patterns. The pretzel bags are usually near the baking supply section.

Let me know if you make this project and if you send me a picture of your project - I would love to post it (with your permission)!