Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November/Thanksgiving Posts

I have a lot of wonderful recipes and craft ideas - for the Thanksgiving holiday. Be sure to check back weekly! The recipe and craft ideas will be simple, fun and unique. Today I am frantically working on some Saint projects for 6th grade Bible study tonight. However,  I will start posting some fun ideas in the next few days and continue until Thanksgiving!

Last month Diana posted a picture of the Candy Corn cookies she made - I loved it! Also Robin posts pictures of crafts that she has made from my blog on Facebook - I love it! Thanks ladies!

So I am working on a contest - if anyone makes anything from the blog and posts a comment that they made something or puts a picture of what they made on my Facebook or the Roommom27 Facebook they will be entered to win a fun prize! I am going shopping in the next few days and will find a wonderful prize - so I will post the prize and details in a few days!