Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today I made three different types of acorns! These little treats are in many of the Thanksgiving posts that I have been perusing for ideas. I had to make them! The above acorns are made with Mini Vanilla Wafers, a Hershey's Kiss and a miniature chocolate chip. I used Nutella to glue everything together. But you could also use a little chocolate frosting or melted chocolate.

These would look adorable on top of a cupcake.

The second type of acorn is made with glazed donut holes.  You will also need some pretzel sticks, chocolate sprinkles and Nutella or chocolate frosting.  I broke the pretzel sticks into thirds. Then I pinched the donut holes so that they were a little less round. Using a small knife apply the Nutella to the top of the donut hole and sprinkle with the chocolate jimmies. The last step is adding the little piece if pretzel.  These would be a great treat to bring to the classroom feast! Who doesn't like a donut hole and chocolate?

The last acorn idea also uses a glazed donut hole - except instead of chocolate sprinkles I used chopped nuts. The donut hole with the nut topping is my favorite!