Friday, November 18, 2011

Leaf Cookies

Today I made some Leaf Sugar Cookies.

 I used the same sugar cookie recipe that I used for the Candy Corn cookies except that I deleted the food coloring and layering steps. I just put the dough in a ball wrapped in plastic wrap in the refrigerator for about an hour. Then I rolled the dough out and used a leaf cookie cutter.

They scream "Thanksgiving." Wouldn't these look cute on your Thanksgiving table?

If you don't want to pipe the leaf veins like I did on the above picture - your could pipe initials or names on the leaves and use them for place cards.

Once the cookies come out of the oven - they need to completely cool before you decorate them.

I just used a simple cookie cutter.

I was going to make Royal Icing - however, I was out of meringue  power. So I decided to use my icing pens (Plan B).

Using my icing pen - I outlined the leaf - then filled in the middle. Using a toothpick to spread the icing to the outline.

Once the colored icing has set - you can pipe on the leaf veins. Just melt some chocolate chips in the microwave and put the melted chocolate in a plastic bag. Twist the bag so that the chocolate is down at one end and snip a teeny tiny hole and start piping!

I think the leaf veins really make this cookie look "real"

Notice how my leaf veins - are squiggly? Nature is not perfect - therefore our cookies should not be perfect!