Friday, November 11, 2011

Christian's Egyptian Project

Christian is doing a project for his Social Studies class on Ancient Egypt. We decided to make a fun treat for a handout at the end of his presentation.

So I have a bunch of medium size Hershey bars (the size I use for S'more Kits) and we were going to wrap them in white ribbon or crepe paper and add eyes to make mummies. It took 15 minutes to make a mummy.

So we had to move to plan B - because if it took me 15 minutes to make a mummy - then it was going to take Christian a half hour to make a mummy and we were going to be up all night making mummies!

So........We decided to cover the Hershey bars in brown paper (the color of a cave) and write hieroglyphics on the candy bar. So quick. We got 32 candy bars done in less than an hour! Christian cut the brown paper and printed out the hieroglyphics and I taped the paper around the candy bar and wrote most of the symbols.

Christian checked with his teacher to see if we could hand out these mini candy bars and she said it was okay! What a cool teacher.

Now - I must tell you that it is getting dark and cloudy and I am unsure about lighting when I take these pictures. I have over head, under counter and light fixture lighting in my kitchen (which I use as my photography studio). So I apologize for the fuzzy pictures and weird lighting

So we are done with the handout portion of our project and now we are going to proof his essay! 
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