Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Party Favors

I made some kid friendly party favors for my Father-in-Law's birthday celebration.

Chocolate covered almonds in cellophane bags.

I put the chocolate covered almonds in a red and white striped tin bucket.

And m&m's in cellophane tubes. I put the m&m's in white tin buckets.

Don't these look cute? You can make them in any color combination. I have made them with Halloween and Easter m&m's.

The last item that I made was a frame with the party favors listed in calligraphy. No - I did not hand calligraphy! I found a calligraphy font on the computer!

This is a really fun idea - if you have a guest of honor you would like to welcome or would like to post your menu. Find a fun font on the computer and print out your welcome or menu and place it in a frame!