Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rolo Cigars

Next Sunday  is  Fathers Day!s I am in charge of the party favors and I am making a lot of fun favors! The first favor that I made was a Rolo Cigar!

I bought some Rolo's at Target. Note: Rolo's are .79 each at Target and as much as $1.29 at other stores.

I started experimenting with different colors of brown wrapping paper.

I asked my husband which color Rolo looked the most like a cigar. He said he liked the dark brown - but I liked the light brown. Then he said "do whatever you want."

I decided to do both colors! I think it looks really unique. I put the cigars in a Kate Spade box - they fit perfectly.  I also put an "R" sticker on the cigars. My Father-in-Law's name is Raymond. And it was also near his birthday.

I found the "R" stickers in the wedding section at Michael's.

Instead of a monogram sticker - a sports sticker (i.e. baseball, basketball or football stickers). Be creative!