Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baseball Decorations for Opening Day

M baseball decorations are so cheerful. The day after Easter you can buy sports themed baskets for 1/2 off! Stock up on your favorite sports!

I wrapped some regular sized Hershey bars with baseball wrapping paper.

I bought some baseball erasers at Party City for .25 cents each.

The I used some wooden skewers to make the erasers into plant stakes.

I had some extra little plastic bottles from another project - so I filled them with red m&m's and decorated the top of the jars with a piece of round paper with hand drawn baseball lines.

I decorated the shelf with Cracker Jacks and the little candy jars. The little baseball basket holds the regular sized Hershey bars. The big baseball basket holds the Baseball S'more kits.

The red pots have plants decorated with the eraser sticks. There is also a red polka dot bowl filled with mini Baby Ruth bars.

I hope your team has a winning season!