Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baseball Food For Opening Day

I made two types of croissant sandwiches - chicken salad and turkey with cheese. In the baseball bowl is an orzo salad (click on pasta salad under labels and scroll down to the recipe).

I also made fruit skewers and a fruit tart. These recipes are also under labels under fruit kabobs and fruit tarts.

In the baseball bucket at the end of the Opening Day buffet is filled with baggies of ruffles tied with ribbon.

And that is our Opening Day Food! Oh no! I forgot to show you the baseball cookies.

I made these using a sugar cookie recipe - frosted them with melted white chocolate and piped on the red laces - super easy! I make these cookies every year - if you click on the baseball label and scroll down - it will show you the cookies step by step.

I hope your team wins! We are rooting for the Angels! This also would be a great tailgate picnic!