Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sombrero Cookies - perfect for Cinco de Mayo

I am actually going to make homemade Churro's for Cinco de Mayo - but I am having a hard time finding the large star tip that I need to make the ridges. So meanwhile I decided to make some Sombrero cookies.

 For years I have seen these Sombrero cookies in magazines and all over the internet. So today while I was cutting sugar dough into circles to make basketballs - I also decided to make some Sombreros.

To make these Sombrero's you will need -

Round sugar cookies - homemade or store-bought

1 cup of white frosting - homemade or store-bought

rainbow colored sprinkles

white gumdrops


Spread the sugar cookie with a thin layer of white frosting. Using a small spoon sprinkle the outside edge with the rainbow sprinkles.

Dip the gumdrop into the frosting and then into the sprinkles. Place the gumdrop into the center of the cookie.

Tip: pour the sprinkles into a shallow bowl.

These would be fun to serve for dessert on Taco night! They don't just have to be for Cinco de Mayo! And they are so simple to make - your kids can make them!