Monday, April 29, 2013

Pretty Pink Piñata's

I made some Pretty Pink Piñata's to send to Noelle - she can pass them out to her friends on Cinco de Mayo. I made them out of snow cone holders. But you could use Dixie Cups! I might use Dixie Cups if I make them for Christian's basketball team. I think they are playing on Cinco de Mayo. I will have to check with him - to see if he thinks it would be okay. I don't want to be embarrassing!

To make these Pretty Pinata's you will need:

Snow cone holders

Scrapbook paper





Glue gun

Crepe paper in coordinating color

Thin ribbon in coordinating color

Rhinestone sticker


Trace a pattern with  paper to cover the snow cone holder.

Using the pattern trace onto your scrapbook paper. Cut out the pattern and using transparent tape attach the scrapbook paper to the snow cone holder.  They now look like pretty little party hats.

Fill one party hat with candy and tape the top party hat onto the candy filled party hat

Cut a a yard of crepe paper and fold it into a three inch piece and make little cuts about 3/4 of the way up with sharp scissors.

Unravel the crepe paper and heat up your glue gun.

Glue the crepe paper over the area where the snow cone holders meet.

Glue a piece of ribbon on the top of the crepe paper and add a little rhinestone sticker.

These can be customized to fit any party or sports theme. I find so many beautiful  sheets of scrapbook paper. And scrapbook paper often is on sale.

Crepe paper comes in every color of the rainbow and is super inexpensive. It would also be fun to use two different colors of crepe paper for this project.

These Pinatas can be made for the classroom, sports team or a party favor or your Cinco de Mayo party! They take awhile to make - so start making them this week - if you plan on making a large amount.