Thursday, April 18, 2013

Living Room Redo - I was Feeling a Little Blue

Yes, I am in love with the color Blue! I just changed a few accessories in my Living Room and it has created a fresh new look!

Here are the before pictures -

They say that paint is an inexpensive way to update a room.  I think that by changing a a pillow, plant pot and a few other small items is another way to change the look of a room.   I also think that a clean and uncluttered room is a comfortable room.

And here are the after pictures -

As you can see - I don't like clutter.  You can really make a room look fresh by clearing out the clutter. I am always making Goodwill bags.

The living room is directly across from the dining room. I will post the dining room redecorating pictures this week. The dining redecorating project sparked the living room, family room and kitchen redecorating projects. Actually they are just little color tweaks.