Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baseballl Themed S'more Kits

March 31st is Easter Sunday and Baseball Opening Day. I am feeling a little lazy this year and instead of getting all of my pastel Easter decorations out - I am having an Opening Day brunch on Easter Sunday. After Mass on Easter Sunday our families are coming over for brunch. I will post a lot of pictures! I made these little baseball themed S'more kits for party favors.

Buy the snack sized Hershey bars and wrap them in baseball themed wrapping paper or scrapbook paper.

Then you add the 2 graham crackers, two large marshmallows and the baseball wrapped Hershey bar into a plastic bag.

Instead of tying a ribbon at the top I decided to staple a folded piece of the wrapping paper.

These would be a cute treat for the team or a party favor at the end of season party.  They would be a fun snack to serve at a tailgate party. And you can change this idea for any other sport by simply changing the wrapping paper.

I hope your team has a winning season!