Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winter Quarter Finals Treat Bags for the Sorority Girls

I am finished with the Sorority Good Luck Winter Quarter Treat Bags! I made 41 bags! They are currently all over my dining room table!

The theme of the bags is "Breakfast at Tiffany." The items are in black  bags with the girls name written on a Breakfast at Tiffany handmade card. For privacy issues I am not showing the tags I made but take my word for it - they are really cute!

Each bag contains:

A cup of chicken soup.

A box of Cracker Jacks (an idea from the movie).

A packet of hot chocolate. They say chocolate helps with your concentration.

And a packet of instant oatmeal.

An individually wrapped blueberry muffin. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

A granola bar in chocolate themed flavors.

And an oatmeal creme cookie.


Each girl also gets a small diamond tiara. You can't have a Breakfast at Tiffany themed bag without a diamond tiara!

A Tiffany decorated cookies and cream Hershey bar - I made these special for the girls. I always say it just takes a minute or two to make something look a little special - these took hours to make special. But I enjoyed making them!

A Tiffany blue lollipop with a silver heart charm - I also made these special for the girls!

I also made these little blue boxes filled with silver Hershey kisses and tied with a diamond ring.

The final thing that I made the girls is a Breakfast at Tiffany necklace, ring or pin and I put them in a handmade modge podged little box.

Here are some photos of the rings.

Here is a picture of the little jewelry box that I made.  I put the handmade ring, necklace or pin inside this little box.

I really enjoyed making all of these treats for the girls and putting the bags together. I am also going to add a small Starbucks card - hopefully I will be able to go to Starbucks during an off time in the next few days - I am sure they are going to enjoy making 41 cards for $3.50 each! Then I will send the bags to the sorority house.

I also wanted to tell you that I had a few extra muffins, granola bars etc. I put them in my food pantry bag - each week I buy a few items to bring to the food pantry at our church - so the extras will be helping a hungry family.

I hope all of the girls ace their finals!