Friday, March 22, 2013

Hockey Gift Wrap Idea

I am waiting for the day when my son says to me - "Mom, can you just put the gift card inside a birthday card?"

If you have been reading this blog for awhile - you know that I save pieces of cardboard to wrap and  use to present the gift card. This week the gift is for one of Christian's friends who plays Hockey and is a Duck's fan.

I bought the round Duck's disk for .99 at Party City.

In the upper left hand corner I taped a Hockey Rubic Cube also from Party City.

 In the bottom corners I taped lollipops and sugar sticks.


In the upper right hand corner is and orange lip shaped whistle.

As you can see I taped the gift card in the bottom center of the gift wrapped cardboard. I hope this gift wrap inspires you to be creative the next time you decide to give a gift card. And don't forget to save your cardboard!