Monday, May 16, 2011

Springtime Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Oreos

I had left over melted yellow chocolate from making my Chick Pops.  What to do? I made some Oero's and pretzel's.

Always lay your chocolate dipped items on parchment paper and wait for them to completely dry before packaging! I love how the rainbow sprinkles look with the yellow chocolate!

I packaged the pretzel sticks into little bags to use as party favors for Lisa's lunch and lunch box treats for my kids.

I think these came out really cute! I used a thicker pretzel stick.

They are called Old Fashioned Dipping Sticks - and because they are much thicker - seven or eight sticks work perfectly in the treat bag. I think I bought these pretzel sticks at Ralph's.

I decided to use the Oero's for after school snacks. Christian loves cookies and milk for his after school snack! And when his friends come over - they love also love a chocolate covered Oero!

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