Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gift Wrapping Ideas

The first gift wrapping idea is for when you buy a gift card. I just don't want to give just a gift card - so I always attach it to a little something. This is a gift for Christian's basketball friend.

I tied the gift card to some Laker Water. Then I wrapped the water and gift card in cellophane.

I found some yellow and purple (Laker colors) ribbon and tied the cellophane and glue gunned a little basketball in the center of the ribbon. This just took a few minutes to make something look a lot more fun to open!

This is a fun idea - to use stickers to write the recipients name with stickers. I have a lot of alphabet stickers in my craft cupboard leftover from school projects and posters. I also added feathers to Lisa's gift. Why do I have feathers in my craft area? I don't know!

If you do this - you don't even need to buy a card - although I did buy her a funny card!

For Tina's birthday - I found some pastel sticker letters. Will I ever use up all of my craft supplies? I love how the letters for Tina's present are all different colors.