Monday, May 30, 2011

Baseball Lollipops

I made some baseball lollipops for the big Championship game tomorrow! These are so super easy to make!

First you need to find some flat lollipops.

I found these fun "flat" lollipops at the party store.

Then I punched some big round white card stock circles. And used a red pen to make the baseball lines.

I used this large 2 1/2" punch - but if you don't have a punch you could use a round glass or cookie cutter to trace a template and cut them out by hand. I think this punch was about $15 and I used a 40% off coupon to purchase it. I can use it to make basketballs, tennis balls etc.

Once you have punched or cut the circles and added the red baseball stitching - you just adhere the baseballs to the lollipops with double stick tape.

This is what the back of the lollipops look like!

And this is what the front of the lollipops look like! It would be super cute to write the kids names and numbers in the middle of each lollipop. But I must get ready for our Memorial Day BBQ.

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