Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pi Day is Delicious

I offered to make pies for my son's math class to celebrate Pi Day - March 14th. I was going to make bite size chocolate pies. But his teacher emailed me that the treats cannot be homemade - they must be store bought and individually packaged.  Huh? This is not his teacher's rule - it is the school policy. So I made some mini Hershey bars with a Pi joke.  Get it? "Pi(e) is Delicious."

I just used some yellow wrapping paper and white sticker labels to make these "Pi" themed candy bars.

It didn't take very long to make these - I cut the yellow papers to size, and wrote out the labels while I was watching the tennis matches from Indian Wells on television.  Maria Sharapova is my favorite tennis player.

And I am buying 40 hot apple pies  from McDonald's - they are individually boxed. I could not find a bakery that would individually package 40 mini pies on such short notice. After calling several bakeries, I woke up this morning with my McDonald's idea! I get my best ideas while asleep.

The hot apple pie is only .50 a box! I am sure that I would be paying more then that from a bakery. Not that I mind - because I offered and I was going to follow the rules.