Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cross Cookies

Last night we did the Stations of the Cross in our sixth grade Bible study class. What treat to make? I made Cross cookies. Although it took me a while to find my Cross cookie cutter. I found it with my Easter cookie cutters. Why didn't I look there first?

I used Martha Stewart's sugar cookie recipe. I used her recipe in my Pink Swirl Cookie post. I rolled out the dough and cut out the Crosses. Then I pressed a long lollipop stick under the Cross and pressed the dough lightly around the lollipop stick.

I used melted chocolate and colorful sprinkles to decorate the cookies.  Lately I have been using melted chocolate the frost the cookies - melted chocolate dries really fast. The cookies must be gently removed from the cookie sheet so that they stay on the lollipop stick.

Once everything was dry - I packaged them in little bags and tied with ribbon. And placed them in a basket!

The kids loved the treats! And they did a great job with that Stations of the Cross!