Monday, April 7, 2014

Have a Ball This Summer Treat Bag for Meals on Wheels

I bought these little bouncing ball party favors at Party City. And I made over 50 little Party Favors for a Meals on Wheels little summer treat. These will most likely be passed out at the beginning of June. The Meals on Wheels coordinator actually decides when they are added to the Meals.

Since these are going to separate households - they don't have to match. But if I was making them for a classroom or sports team - I would use matching paper. They also have these little balls in sports themes. I have seen baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls in this bouncing ball size! The basketballs would be cute for "March Madness."

I had a lot of red paper left over from Christmas and Valentine's Day.

I also had some turquoise paper left over from a Breakfast at Tiffany project.

Rainbow and green paper left over from a Noah's Ark and St. Patrick's Day lessons.

The little tag on each of the bag toppers says "Hope you have a ball this Summer!"

These would be cute to make for a classroom or school club and as I mentioned before - I would use the same paper toppers. Larger tags would also look cute on top of inflatable beach balls! Be creative!

I like to bring two months of treats at a time when I bring these to the Meals on Wheels coordinator.  Next week I will drop off the  May and June  treats Then I will immediately start working on July, August and September. I really enjoy making these treats!

However, I always like to make them a few months in advance - already my May, June and July are booking up with a lot of events and I am already starting to feel a little stressed. So it is nice to always be a little ahead on my Meals on Wheels commitment.