Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baseball Snack

Tonight was our turn to bring snacks for the baseball team. We are planning on ordering pizza during the sixth inning and picking it up during the seventh inning.  The boys (13 and 14 years old) are really hungry after a game!

I bought some mini sodas, plates and napkins. But I had to make the boys some treats! I almost always make my baseball cookies. I make a round sugar cookie and once they have cooled I frost them with melted white chocolate.

Once the white chocolate has set - I add some red food coloring to the remaining melted white chocolate and put the red chocolate in a zipper top bag. Squeeze the red icing to the end of a corner and snipe off a tiny hole. Pipe the red laces onto the baseball. The red laces don't have to be perfect - the boys eat them so fast!

Once the chocolate icing has set. I like to package the baseballs into cellophane bags and tie them with a ribbon.

I also made some little Rice Crispy Treats.

Using homemade or store bought Rice Crispy Treats - cut them into tiny squares. Using some icing or little melted chocolate glue the little icing baseball mitt onto the Rice Crispy Treat. I bought the little icing mitt at Hobby Lobby.

I decided to add lollipop sticks, they wedge perfectly into the Rice Crispy Treat. Then package them with little plastic bags and tie them with a ribbon.

I hope this inspires you the next time you bring snacks for the sports team.