Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baseball Candy Bars

My son plays on a baseball team that struggles each week. They have been fraught with injuries and they out hit almost every team they play. However, they continue to lose almost every week by just a few runs.

So I decided to make our Angel team some candy bars! These can also be made to look like basketballs, tennis balls, softballs , etc. Just wrap the candy bar in the background paper of your child's sport and use a marker to make the appropriate lines.

I bought a few of these bags of Hershey bars at Target.

The Hershey bars come in at least three different sizes. I used the medium sized bars.

I wrapped the hershey bars in white wrapping paper.

Using a red  a red Sharpie pen - mark the baseball lines and put the team logo in the middle of the candy bar. When making this project it is best to use flat candy bars like Hershey or Kit Kat bars.

Another fun idea is to wrap the candy bars in baseball wrapping paper. They have wrapping paper and scrapbook paper in almost every sport imaginable.

And if you don't want to wrap your candy bars - a fun thing to do is to put a whole bunch of Baby Ruth and Butterfingers candy bars in a basket and ask each boy if they are a Babe Ruth or a Butterfinger!

I hope our team wins tomorrow night! On the bright side - the boys on the team are really great kids and the coach is a good guy!

Go Angels!