Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Bucket List

I finally decided to post my Winter Bucket List! You will also be able to tell what recipes and crafts I will be posting! or hoping to post!

1. Design and order and send Christmas cards (Done)

2. Get eyelash extensions (Done)

3. Host a small cocktail party

4. Set out and use all Spode Christmas Tree china (Done)

5. Make gingerbread men and ladies

6. Make homemade lip balm (Done)

7. Make homemade peppermint scrub

8. Make little reindeer noses (Done)

9. Make candy cane s'mores

10. Dip candy canes into chocolate (Done)

11. Make Christmas party/holiday party favors for kids (Done)

12. Redecorate Christian's bedroom (Done)

13. Make ornaments from book pages (Done)

14. Refrain from going to Michael's or Hobby Lobby from now until after Christmas. (Done)

Today is December 11th and I am already feeling a little holiday stress. Today I am going to Target and Sprouts. Hopefully this will will my last trip Target until after Christmas.